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"From Here to There" Webinar Series

IT Security From the Inside Out

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Our "From Here to There" webinar series is an exciting opportunity for you to watch our Principal EUC Architect, Shane O'Neill, as he challenges industry experts on their field of expertise. In our first webinar, Shane took a different approach to address various challenges in the IT security landscape.

One of the key features of this webinar was that he discussed and challenged some industry leaders to try help the audience understand the approaches of bad actors and the importance of best practices. Shane dived into the mindset and strategies employed of the experts and discussed how they stop unauthorized actors gaining access, and exploited vulnerabilities in an organisation's environment.

Learn from industry experts

Watch our panelists for a discussion about how they've created market leading IT security strategies in their areas of expertise.


Simon Townsend,




Jonathon Irving,

Email Security Lead,

Check Point.


Niall Connolly,

Tech Strategist,



Anthony Walsh,

Country Director,

Cato Networks.

By understanding bad actor tactics, and how experts defend against them, you can better protect your digital workspaces and ensure the security of your systems.

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