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Why your EUC Digital Strategy should be Zero Trust by design

On-Demand Webinar

What will you learn from this webinar?

With Zero Trust workspace strategy no actor is trusted until they’re verified. This approach to security ensures that everyone and every device granted access is who and what they say they are. During this webinar Gavin Connolly, a Solutions Architect from Citrix, will speak about why a digital workspace strategy needs to be zero trust by design.


Gavin's presentation will outline "3 buckets" to creating a digital workspace strategy, as well as the challenges and trends that come along when creating a digital workspace for your organisation.

He will also highlight the ways your organisation can navigate through these challenges and things that will assist you to create a zero-trust digital workspace strategy to deliver your organisation a “work from anywhere” secure environment.


EUC challenges

Webinar Takeaways

You’ll come away with a variety of takeaways to help you shape a zero trust digital workspace strategy and keep your organisation secure.