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Nutanix vs. VMware:
See the Difference

Take advantage of what Nutanix offers versus VMware, including the efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility of unified hybrid multi-cloud management. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing VMware environment or find a VMware alternative, Nutanix is the ideal choice.


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Broadcom’s strategic vision for VMware, has left a number of VMware customers bemused and looking to migrate away from VMware.

Below is a number of reasons why so many organisations are considering Nutanix: 

Why You Can Count on Nutanix

  Nutanix VMware
Best Hybrid Multi-cloud Experience: One unified platform across datacenters, clouds, and edge.
One unified platform across datacenters, clouds, and edge.
Nutanix provides the best hybrid multi-cloud experience by allowing you to manage datacenters, clouds, and the edge as a single entity.
Simplest Operations
Multi-cloud IaaS with a consistent and identical operating model.
Nutanix software is consistently managed across on-prem, AWS, and Azure environments. By contrast, VMware is customer-managed on-premises, VMware-managed in AWS, and Azure-managed in Azure.
Best-in-class Customer Satisfaction
Migration toolkit and industry-leading support with 90 Net Promoter Score.
Nutanix has customers covered for workload mobility with industry-leading support (seven-year average NPS score of 90) and with migration toolkits (Nutanix Move - a cross-hypervisor mobility solution to move VMs with minimal downtime).


Why Rely on the Nutanix Cloud Platform for All Your Apps and Data?

  Nutanix VMware
Best HCI Architecture: Single, unified HCI architecture for mixed workloads.
Single, unified HCI architecture for mixed workloads.
Nutanix unlocks NVMe performance for SAN-level workloads with snapshots and replication along with support for files, objects, HDDs, and a choice of hardware or cloud. (In contrast, VMware has two different and separate vSAN architectures - ESA vs. OSA). With Nutanix, integrate seamlessly with existing VMware solutions under a unified single pane of glass while improving performance.
Fast Upgrades: Full-stack and consistent security upgrades.
Full-stack and consistent security upgrades.
Nutanix offers easy and efficient GUI-based, 1-click, full-stack upgrades, unlike VMware’s CLI based upgrades. Nutanix allows customers to quickly address security breaches such as Log4j, which can help keep operations across the hybrid cloud secure.
Secure and Resilient: Secure by default with native VM-level data encryption.
Secure by default with native VM-level data encryption.
Nutanix is built on a secure foundation with programs like our security development lifecycle, secure configuration management and automation, and data-at-rest encryption. In addition, Nutanix also provides an automated security baseline with data-centric security enhancing customers' cyber resilience.
Minimize Downtime: Enterprise-grade disaster recovery.
Enterprise-grade disaster recovery.
Nutanix provides simpler per VM recovery point and time objectives to reduce risk vs. a non-integrated approach.
Easy License Portability: Across clouds and on-premises.
Across clouds and on-premises.
Nutanix flexibility makes it easy to port licenses across deployments. This is complex with VMware, with several variances in portability of licenses. Nutanix portability allows data and apps to be optimally located across the hybrid cloud as performance, cost, and data sovereignty priorities change.
Fast Path to the Cloud: Nutanix HCI on Azure Bare-Metal solution.
Nutanix HCI on Azure Bare-Metal solution.
Nutanix is the first customer-managed HCI jointly engineered with Azure to deliver fast migration to the public cloud with up to 53% savings*, plus support for Azure ExpressRoute to securely connect edge, datacenter, and cloud endpoints.
Fully Unified Storage
Consolidated and simplified file, object, and block storage management.
Nutanix consolidates management and cost silos for file, object, and block data services.


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