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Email & Collaboration Tools Health Assessment

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About the Assessment

Schedule a FREE Email and Collaboration health assessment to see how well protected your organisation is against phishing, ransomware, shadow IT and data loss across your environments.

By using Harmony Email and Collaboration Suite in monitor only mode for 14 days, you will receive a full report about the threats and shortfalls that your current solution is providing you.

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About Harmony Email & Collaboration

Harmony Email and Collaboration (HEC) provides organisations with a full protected suite of email and collaboration tools. HEC is constantly adapting to the ever-changing threat landscape, while providing security admins with an easy-to-deploy and user friendly platform.

The HEC Suite can:

  • Reduces phishing reaching the inbox by 99.2%

  • Blocks zero day attacks designed to exploit cloud email environments by leveraging advanced anti-phishing and sandboxing technologies

  • Protects sensitive business data from leaving the organisation

  • Secures all lines of business communication, including Slack and Teams.

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