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Dynamic Application Management and Delivery.

Simplify application migration to new digital workspace environments with appCURE.


As appCURE Partners, Enterprise Solutions can simplify your applications and migrate them onto new digital workspace environments, by using appCUREs unique application capture and delivery capabilities.

appCURE captures application details from running applications to ensure all points that may impact your end-user’s applications are understood. It then updates and delivers them as an MSIX package ready to use.

By capturing all application integration points in your current environment, appCURE provides the speed to optimize IT resources and plan for your migrations better and quicker than ever before thus enabling organizations to get to production faster.

appCURE is based around the CURE (Capture, Update, Remediate & Execute), where problems around moving applications to delivery at a pace that fundamentally shifts the time to production of Citrix environments.

  • Capture – identify installed parts of application ready to be moved to target OS.
  • Update – Look at the differences between “today” and where it is being delivered to.
  • Remediate- Find errors and apply fixes.
  • Execute – Ready Applications for delivery via chosen delivery method.

Why appCURE?

Applications tied to old operating systems and platforms, hold back your business and increase your costs, with extended support, older less agile platforms and increased security issues. appCURE enables your IT teams to quickly modernise your applications and support your digital transformation agenda, all while streamlining the migration process with a comprehensive automation tool set.

Benefits of appCURE:


Quickly capture and transform your application with its unique ‘capture on disk’ and deliver to your new desktop platform.


By modernising your legacy application will increase your security footprint and keep your organization with up to date security patches.

Cost Savings

Deliver projects quicker with less resources, automates repetitive processes and enables you to use modern lower cost resources and platforms.

Application Modernisation

Capture your applications from existing systems and transform them to new modern platforms, that supports a more agile working practices.


Send the application output via standard folder structure or conversion to range of formats depending on your chosen platform.


Simplify way of applications without the stress of redesigning and building a brand new application, which we all know can that time to get right for your organisation.

How appCURE works:


appCURE will also enhance:

Security - removes the need for legacy desktops and servers.
Simplicity - transforms any application (legacy or modern) into a Microsoft based application standard that can be delivered to any desktop, both physical and virtual.
Sustainability - by removing unnecessary and aged servers from your estate, significantly reduces the environmental impact.
Future Proof - Simplifies application migration to new digital workspace environments using our unique Application capture & delivery capabilities. Package once, deliver to all, forever.